Friday, 15 September 2017

‘I want to marry a man with ‘bad boy’ character’ – Bootilicious Actress Didi Ekanem

Fast rising bootilicious Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem wants a ‘bad boy’ for a life partner – this she revealed in an interview with Saturday Sun.
How would you describe the year 2017 career wise?
The year has been great so far; full of positive energy. Career wise, it has been a bit slow but surely we will get there.

Do you also intend going into movie production?
Talking about movie production, I can’t say anything about that for now.

I see the way you flaunt what you got on social media, most especially Instagram, do you often receive negative comments? If you do, how do you handle them?
I actually don’t pay attention to negative comments. But do you mean flaunting my clothes? It’s important I do that for the growth of my business.

Not clothes actually but your backside…
Oh that! Do you call it flaunting? For real? I don’t think so…

You know some men drool over big backsides; can you recall any embarrassing moment concerning this?

Please can we not talk about ass? Thank you.
 Were you at any point sexually harassed?
I wasn’t and never still. I had the right platform from Royal Arts Academy. That made it easy for me.

If you aren’t in the entertainment industry what else would you have been doing?
I haven’t actually thought of what else I could have done aside entertainment, because right from time, entertainment had always been on my mind; even though, my daddy wanted to force law on me at some point.

Can you date or marry an entertainer?
I can’t say who I can marry or who I can’t marry. Whoever God says is mine, is mine, be he an entertainer, engineer, doctor or pastor. My kind of man must be God-fearing. He must be respectful and caring, with a little bad boy character, obviously not a bore, a man that can love me right.

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