Thursday, 16 June 2016

I don't need your di*ks - Chichi Igbo slams haters who keep asking her if she is a guy or lady (photos)

Ex Super Falcons player Chichi Igbo is angry. O yes, she is downright fed-up. Why? Because people will just not stop asking her if she is lady or guy. She said even if she stuck her nipples in their faces, some bad belle peeps will still ask her the identity of her gender.

Fine, she has a very muscular body, an ass that can break coconuts (seriously she said so, and even shared pictures,  and 6 pack abs that have put to shame many guys who can't even boast of one pack, but for goodness sakes she is a WOMAN!!

She took to IG to rant yesterday. See below

Umm...did she just make an allusion to her sexuality....Like This Article? Please Like Us On

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